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Members' Raves

Oils of Life™

Oils of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

Nice smell. I usually don’t use facial oil as pimples may appear on my skin when using too oily or rich skin care products. But your Oils of Life seems to be lighter than I expected and I like the texture and smell very much. So far, there isn't any sign of pimples. ;)

Grace Lui

Nice and comfortable smell, texture is lighter than I expected and absorbed very quickly, it don’t have greasy feeling, I only need to add a thin layer of night ream, and the skin revives radiance the next day morning.

Ng Miu Ling


Drops of Youth™

Drops of Youth™ Bouncy Sleeping Mask

"Easy to absorb and no greasy feeling. I feel refreshed and replenished after when I wake up."

Joe Chan

"The texture is fine and smooth. I feel my skin is plump and bouncy the next day. I like this a lot."

Tsang Ling Wai

"This sleeping mask is light, refreshed and easy absorbed by skin."

Pang Ka Chi


Drops of Youth™ Eye Concentrate

"I like the non-greasy texture the most. It is quickly absorbed and my skin feels hydrated when applying a thin layer."

Mak Lan

"Smells good, skin feels fresh and hydrated. The roller ball design stimulates eye area blood flow, helps to improve my eye bags and refresh my eyes."

Maggie Li

"The pump is user friendly and it is good design. Drops of YouthTM eye Concentrate is light and easy to absorb. It can be used in the morning before applying eye cream and make up."

Betsy lau


Nutriganics™ Skincare Range

"Among all the organic skincare products I tried, most of them are not moisturising enough especially in winter. However, Nutriganics™ range improve my skin suppleness even in dry season."


"My skin felt soft and supple after using Nutriganics™ range. It quickly absorbs into the skin and I am not allergic to them."

Cecilia Tsang


Nutriganics™ Smoothing Serum

"My skin improved significantly with less pimples, fine lines and wrinkles."

Fan Ka Hing


Nutriganics™ Smoothing Day Cream

"It's non greasy and my skin feels smooth."

Tse Hing Mui


Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

"It’s different from other facial creams as the texture is refreshing. When I massaged slowly, the micro aqua spheres were easily absorbed and hydrated my skin."

Stella Leung

"It’s nice and performed well! I especially liked the texture - it’s really like a “Sorbet”. Light-weight and refreshing but deeply hydrating!"

Law Wei Kei



"Non-greasy and fast-absorbing; help to improve fine line problem. My skin feels replenish and recharge after use; I can skip the use of face cream after using the oil."

Chan Suet Hung

"Without over-drying and feeling fresh after use. Texture is soft and light with natural sensation."

Helen Cheung


Tea Tree Skincare Range

Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

“It’s so natural looking which is perfect for the current nude make-up trend. It’s also shine-free and offers good coverage which is well-suited to my blemished skin.”

Stella Leung

“The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream texture is light and different from the texture of other BB Creams. it keeps my skin shine-free and is great to use in the summer time.”

Chung Yee Man



“The particles are small and good for massaging. The skin feels cool and fresh after washing.”

Miao Yu

“Refreshing smell and light in texture,no sensitive problem after use. Its light and mild texture solved my worry on facial scrub product which may make my skin thin. I will keep using it!”

Shu Ting Hu



“I am using Tea Tree skincare range. Now, Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash becomes my favourite product! My skin feels fresh without any over-drying; it helped to improve my pimple problem too! Highly recommend!!”

Phoebe Lai

“Without over-drying and feeling fresh after use. Texture is soft and light with natural sensation.”

Tsz King Chan


Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

"It is non-greasy and effectively moisturizes my face."




"The Tea Tree Pore Miminiser is smooth and helps to keep my make-up! My skin was shiny before and the make-up could not last for long. But my skin looks matt and flawless now."

Connie Wong

"Easy to blend and smell fresh. The pores and shiny skin problems are improved after using a week."

Jessie Lam

"The package is convenience to use. I used the Pore Minimiser before my make-up and it helped to mattify my skin. My skin is clearer, less blemish, and smoother after using Tea Tree Skin Care Range. I will recommend to my friends."

Yuet Wa Wai


Spa Fit Body Care Range

“The Spa Fit Body Care Range products doesn’t have a cool feeling after use and it smells good! The products are easily absorbed into skin, and even though my skin is sensitive, I can still use the range without any problem. Fantastic!”

Oi Man Chan

“The smell of the Spa Fit Toning Massage Oil is fresh, and my skin is firmer after use. I’ve tried other massage oils before, but this one focuses on problem areas and is more effective than others.”

Mei Yu Grace Leu

“The smell is beyond my expectation, it smells really good and fresh。The Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub and Toning Concentrate are great and the effect are instant.”

Ka Wai Chow


Moisture White™ Shiso Skincare Range

"Whitening products were often not moisturising enough, but the new additions to Moisture White™ Shiso effectively brighten my skin without drying my skin out, leaving skin supple and soft. The concept of natural shiso ingredient is amazing and attractive!"

Vivien Leung

"I really love the smell, it has a light fresh scent. It’s gentle yet effective on my skin, making it less oily without drying it out. The packaging is simple and very cute."

Suzanne Xu



"Feel fresh and hydrated. Massage by its metal micro-circulating applicators help to refresh my eyes. It’s easy to use and I don’t have to use my fingers applying eye cream. My skin tone around the eye is improved; skin feels hydrated and firmer."

Law Wai Kei

"Fresh, hydrated and quick-absorbing. It's better than other eye creams as its metal micro-circulating applicator. The applicator helps to improve circulation around the eye; and tackles dark circles and tired –looking eyes problems."

Chung Yee Man


Moisture White™Shiso BB Serum Inside

" My skin tone is even and brighter and BB Serum is easy and convenient to use. It smells good too!"

Ming Tao

" Good coverage and smooth texture. Simple to use "

Yanhui Chen

" I’ve tried BB Creams from other brands but prefer Moisture White™ Shiso BB Serum Inside. The texture is smooth and blends easily. It corrects my complexion and looks natural. Very user friendly!”

Vivian Leung


Moisture White™ Shiso Whitening Serum

"The serum is moisturising and easily absorbed, my skin looks brighter."

Tse Hing Mui


Moisture White™ Shiso Make-up Cleansing Oil

"The products smell nice. The cleansing oil has a nice texture, is easy to apply and effectively removes make-up, while the foaming wash produces smooth, luxurious foam which I like very much."

Lam Sui Ling


Moisture White™ Shiso Eye Serum

"My eye area is not dry anymore and my wrinkles have improved too!"

Mo Mei Mei


All-In-One Make-Up Range

It’s amazing that All-In-One BB Cream adapted to my skin colour perfectly. And the package looks professional, like!


All-In-One Make-Up Range is easy to use. And the BB Cream is lightweight and undetectable. I feel so good after use.



Extra Virgin Minerals™ Range

"The foundation is moisturizing and providing good coverage."

Chung Yee Man


Extra Virgin Minerals™ Liquid Foundation

"It is easy to blend and provides natural looking finishing!"

Shely Lee


Rainforest Hair Care

"Most of the hair care items in the market contain silicones. Rainforest Hair Care does not contain silicones, sulphates colourants and parabens, which makes me feel safe to use this product range."

Man Hei Ching

"Rainforest Hair Care does not contain as much chemicals as other brands. I feel refreshed and hair is glossy after using the products. Smell is good while packaging is simple but nice. This range does not harm the natural environment, and the recyclable bottles are environmental friendly too. This range is recommended!"

Yip Sze Man

"Smell is fresh because of the natural ingredients, I feel relaxed after using the range!"

Yiu Tsz Kwan